composite agency


We are water lovers, brothers-and-sisters-from-other-mothers, creatives, ARTISTS, entrepreneurs and general rabble-rousers who band together to make things we love–while doing things we love.

What makes us different?

Very simply: Our partners. We are a division of Frontera Law Group, a leader in the cannabis compliance space. Our partners help you navigate this brave new world while remaining compliant...something other agencies cannot offer.

Composite is a full-service advertising agency and content studio serving cannabis clients. Our goal is to elevate the branding, marketing, and storytelling in the space while giving small businesses the opportunity to grow. We offer equity deals for cash-strapped startups and love working with entrepreneurs.

We are proudly a division of Frontera Group, California's premiere cannabis business specialty law firm. Frontera provides knowledgeable strategic advice for companies in and around the cannabis industry, helping each of its clients navigate the ever-changing landscape to build successful and sustainable enterprises while complying with California's complex evolving patchwork of state and local rules and regulations. Frontera specializes in working with best in class businesses statewide to create a thriving regulated economy for cannabis in California.

For more information, please visit fronteralawgroup.com.